Definition of the Commission’s Work:
The Commission is an independent body headed by the Minister of Justice. It is formed jointly by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to address and pursue complaints filed by investors and others regarding property registration operations, enabling online resolution through its portal MULKIA.GOV.SA.
An independent commission resolving and guarding against errors of property registration in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Resolving complaints about property registration, and proposing legal and regulatory amendments that help reduce such complaints.
Our Objectives:

- Increasing the competitiveness of the investment environment.

- Providing individuals and corporates that are dealing with Saudi Arabia's property registration with legal advisory to support their rights.

- Stimulating business performance in the private sector.

- Raising the Kingdom's rating in the property registration sub-index.

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Receiving and investigating complaints
Pursuing the implementation of rectifying measures
Suggesting developments for reducing complaints
Directing complainants to file a case statement
Identifying responsibility
Holding the responsible entity accountable
1- Receiving clients’ digital applications objecting to a property registration transaction not duly completed by the notarial office or the municipality.
2- The Commission handles the inaction of the notarial office or the municipality as to the transaction. In this regard, the Commission may contact the necessary person at the concerned ministry or entity for explanations and necessary documents.
3- The Commission issues a digital record for each application, containing the content of the complaint and the decisions taken by the Commission thereon if the complaint has been resolved; the record is kept in a special file.
4- If the Commission fails to resolve the complaint because of a lawsuit against a third party that the complainant wishes to file, his or her claim is directly filed with the competent court.
5- If the Commission finds no convincing reason for the inaction of the notarial office or the municipality, the Commission’s chairman directs the concerned entity to take the necessary action, stating the legal grounds for completing the transaction.
6- Submitting the results of the Commission's studies regarding expedition of procedures and elimination of causes for errors and complaints.
7- Reporting any uncooperative or impeding parties.
Q: Can I file a complaint if I don’t have a title deed? A: The Commission is concerned with complaints related to properties, and it can only accept complaints related to valid title deeds.
Q: I did not receive an SMS or an email with the application number; ( or I have forgotten the number.) What should I do next? A: If you register an application correctly, an application number will be displayed on the last registration page, and you will receive an SMS and an email. Please check your phone and inbox. If you fail to find the application number, please register a new application, or email our tech support.
Q: I have received a message stating that my application has an update. What does that mean? A: It means that there is a response or inquiry from the Commission requiring you to log in and reply to complete the application.
Q: I have received a message stating that the complaint has been closed. What does that mean? A: It means that your issue has been resolved, or that it is out of the Commission’s jurisdiction. You need to log in and find out.
Q: I have additional documents that I’d like to include with my complaint. Can I do this? A: You can contact the Commission through your application and explain what these documents are; the Commission will then decide whether they are important or not, and explain how you can add them. Alternatively, you can register a new application including your new documents.
Q: Is there an explanation of how to register an application? A: This video explains the way the Commission works and how you can register an application:
Q: What type of complaints does the Commission accept? A: The Commission accepts your complaint if you have visited the notarial office or the municipality regarding your property but they have failed to take the necessary action. You can then file a complaint detailing the issue.